Where Did The Week Go

Posted by Paul

I did not get much done on Monday, I flew to Melbourne on Tuesday and had meetings all day Wednesday and it was very hot on Thursday so I did next to nothing all this week. Today was a public holiday (4 day Easter weekend) so I got to work most of the day. Having said that I didn’t get much done on the daggers, so I did a little of this and a little of that and by the end of the day it still appeared that I didn’t get much done!

I started by trimming the ends off the dagger blanks to check that I could shape the bow out of the one that has one, and I discovered another mistake. Fortunately it will also shape out. I have not kept the last few planks of foam centred on the blank, so the trailing edge does not fall at the centreline. This would have been a problem had I already cut my trailing edge slot and glued in the sail batten. James suggested I didn’t last week in case the shaping did not centre and he was right. I will have a slightly harder job of sawing the slot (which I will probably now do with a hand saw) and gluing the fibreglass batten in after the dagger is shaped.

Then I cut the rest of the uni I need to finish a second dagger. I only cut enough for 1 board last Sunday. Each board needed 7 layers of uni on each side of the spine so 14 per board, then 2 layers of uni for each full side of the board with the threads running down the board, and 1 full layer each side with the threads across the board. In all it is about 20 meters of 1300mm uni.

I then set about decanting the resin from the drum. For those that don’t remember, I had a bit of a disaster a few months ago. I changed hardener drums as I finished one, and a week or so later the tap started to drip leak down the hose onto the resin drum lid then once the lip had filled it started to drip INTO the resin drum. The rim around the top of the drum is slightly higher than the lip of the screw in plug so the hardener pooled in the rim then dripped into the liquid resin then hardening. It created a thick (at least 200mm crust on the top leaving good resin below it. I have been able to continue using the pump but I am now running out of hardener so I will need to buy more but I don’t know exactly how much resin I have left so I need to decant the good stuff to find out. Besides I should also get it away from the hardened resin just in case there are still any hardener anywhere inside the drum, unlikely but you never know. This has been by far my most costly mistake as I lost about $1000 of resin and hardener. James and Adam helped me lift the half full resin drum onto an empty and we drilled a hole in the base of the top drum above the open plug hole on the bottom drum and let it run down into the empty. The resin is clear and clean but I am not sure how much good resin there is and how far down the hardened crust goes. I fear it is worse than I originally thought and I may also run out of resin and not just hardener. My plan if I am running out is to finish the shell with West and investigate cheaper epoxy (the epoxy the guys are using to build Nine Lives is a lot cheaper than West) and should be fine to fit out the furniture that is non structural.

I also sanded about a third (3 meters) of one side of the underwing hull to deck join (that was as much as I could stand). I have decided that these type of jobs can be done a little at a time so that they don’t seem such hard work.

Then to round out the day I started to prepare the forward berth walls for the raising of the dashboard by 120mm. I have found the offcuts I need and will cut them to length tomorrow and glue them on. I should have cut them and glued them on today so they are set tomorrow and ready to glass but I ran out of time.

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