Links We Love

This is a list of our favourite links and websites of individuals or companies mentioned on our site, many are hyperlinked where they appear but also listed here. Over time some links may become inactive but as we have no way of knowing if it is permanent we will leave the links up just in case they become active again.

  • The site of a supplier of electric marine engines
  • This is a site dedicated to boat builders and they post articles about boatbuilding mostly by boat-builders both amateur and professional as well as suppliers.
  • The site of the manufacturer of our kit
  • This is the site that told us cruising was possible for us and that we would love it. These guys are living it!
  • www.DavidandJudisPhotoSlot/buildingacatamaran A great site to watch a Schionning cat built from start to finish, an 1100 kit cat. Without this site we probably would not have built our own
  • Farrier F41 Another nice looking boat from a respected multi designer (tri’s).
  • Fusion 40 Nice looking boats from more pre fabricated kits than ours but initially more expensive.
  • K&D web design. They designed our original site by providing the original templates on Ebay. Great value
  • Lightwave yachts We like the Lightwave 38 but doubt we could ever afford to buy one
  • Maya A link to another cat being built and logged on the net.
  • Multihull World MagazineA great Australian multi hull magazine.
  • Pure Magek Another builder of an Easy (different design and construction) with some great ideas for any design.
  • Pure Seal This product promises not only 10 year applications of anti foul but that performance is also improved due to the slipperiness of the finish.
  • Schionning Designs The site of our designer and a great place to start and finish!
  • A great site that shows how to build a similar cat
  • Another supplier of electric engines, they supply Lagoon Cats.
  • Tasman catamarans We liked the C35 when first shopping for a design
  • A pioneer of catamaran design in the Polynesian style.
One day our boat will look like this

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