Fairing, Starboard Hull

Yep, Still Sanding

Posted by Paul

Another 2 hours sanding today and I think I am now past halfway. I have about a meter to do on the outboard side and have done about 3 meters at the bow of the inboard side and a meter at the stern. So I have done more than I have to go on the hull. I still have some touching up to do all over the hull. I am thinking of taking a slightly different approach on this hull. I will attach some photos tomorrow to better explain this. Where I have a low spot (un-sanded), on the last hull I kept sanding until the low point was met by sanding the surrounding bog down to it. This time I may just fill all of the low spots to the point where I have already sanded, then sand it all smooth again. The result is the same but I end up with slightly more bog on the hull. And it really is slightly, it couldn’t possibly be more than 1 kilo. But it may save me a heap of sanding work.

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