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The wombat jnr is a machine to “wet out” fibreglass in long lengths and as it does so it applies the correct amount of resin and then rolls it onto an axle that can be removed and taken to the job and the wet fibreglass is then rolled out and smoothed down. The dry glass passes through a double open ended bag that forms a funnel, but the bottom of the bag is sealed by a squeegee clamp that stops the resin from running out forming a bucket. As the glass passes through the bucket of resin formed by the bag it is soaked and as it passes through the squeegee only as much resin as is needed is allowed to pass through with it. It then rolls onto the spindle. You must work fast though as the roll can become exothermic (heat up and cure and as it cures it heats more which in turn accelerates curing more) very fast in this state. Once the length is wet out it is far easier to transport to the job no matter how close you are as a roll than in a long length. It is also much faster and a more accurate way of adding the right amount of resin than wetting out on the job and all that is required is to smooth out the cloth in place on the job.

wombat packedwombat resin bag

The wombat is delivered flat packed. The resin bags come in different sizes for the different width tapes.

wombat side onwombat jnr

Once assembled the wombat is easy to operate but the assembly instructions resemble early ikea instructions, nevertheless it is fairly self explanatory and took me around half an hour to figure out and assemble.

wombat and resin bag

The resin bag bucket that the cloth passes through in order to be wet and the squeegee at the base that removes excess resin.

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