We couldn’t wait

Posted by Paul

I left Waz at around 1pm with the dingy on the back of the ute. The plan was that Warren was going to do a little more work to the boat that afternoon and tomorrow we would test it.

At around 8pm we were watching tv and heard a boat go screaming by. Jo said, I think that is your boat. We went out onto the balcony and sure enough, Warren was doing donuts in front of our jetty!

The light was fading but we managed a quick video. Tomorrow we will give the boat a more extensive test and I will make a better quality video but for now,

water test

One of the things we have learnt from the test is that the transom needs to be higher so that the cavity plate on the outboard sits higher at plane, this will minimize the rooster tail being thrown out and improve performance even more. This engine on the boat is a 15hp motor. So one of the tasks on this and my hull will be to build up the transom height by about 2 inches. I thought Warren should have put the lids on before the test but he didn’t think it mattered too much. He was right, there was not water in them after 15 minutes of tearing around.

Now that we have tested the dingy tomorrow is now a day off! Monday I am checking out a new warehouse to move to and if that is suitable we may be joining the hulls next month!

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