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Vanity front rough in

Posted by Paul

I have the vanity shelves and top temporarily fitted to the ensuite. I attached a rim of duflex to the underside of the top 30mm set back from the front edge, in order form a molding ring for the front before fitting the top (just sitting on blocks that set the height). The rim is a temporary fixture is very rough in!

You can see that the white polycore needs to be trimmed and as I dont want to mess it up and waste the material, I will make a template by using cardboard and trimming it until it fits, then transfer that to the core and cut it out.
Once I had the front cut to shape I dry fit it to ensure that it did fit, it needed a little more trimming. Ironically it bent to shape even easier than the cardboard template. Once I was satisfied with the fit, I removed it, cut a piece of 200gsm plain weave glass to shape and wet it out to the polycore on a table and also applied a shaped piece of peel ply. I then fit it to the vanity unit. I needed to roll out some bubbles that had formed as a result of being bent and cajoled into place, but once I had don that I left it to set.

ensuite front cut to shapevanity front glassed

I then pottered around for another hour, planning my next work and trying to scrounge another piece of 25mm duflex large enough to make a similar sized shelf as the vanity top for the port side walk in wardrobe. It will simarly act to brace the back of the mast to the bulkhead in front. Unfortunately I am now completely out of larger duflex offcuts so I will need to glue smaller pieces together and glass it all back into a large single shelf.

Then I left for the day a little early (it was now 4.30pm) as I was suffering a little heat exhaustion. It is barely the middle of September and we had 32 degrees today, the warmest September day in Sydney since recording began. Whist I endeavour to keep my political opinions from this blog, I have to say that if there are still any doubters that the climate is changing perhaps you ought to get out more. I accept that there might still be some doubt as to the exact causes but I think that we ought to be accelerating our drive for a greener more sustainable energy future, if for no other reason than we at least did all we could to not be part of the problem and part of the solution. I wish our political leaders had more will to fight the deniers and energy industry lobbyists to get on with cleaning up our act.

On another tangent, before I glue and glass the vanity in (the front will have a door in it that I will insert once it is set with glass on both sides) I will first have more plumbing work to install. There is to be an S bend connecting the sink basin (which I dont yet have) to the outlet I have already in place. Also under the vanity will be the black and grey water through hull fittings and as hard as I try I cannot find a modular system of parts that fit each other. I have tried Bunning’s and Bias boating and neither have an entire system. I can get parts but a link in the system is always missing. I will try an irrigation supplier and see if they have what I need.

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