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Unis done

Posted by Paul

Not much to report this weekend. I had a couple of interruptions to work time, we got a new couch delivered on Saturday and in the good tradition of delivery people I had to wait all day for them to turn up, which could have been anytime from 9 am until they eventually arrived at 3pm so the whole day wasted, too late to go and do any significant boat work. Then just to compound my wasted weekend, we had sold our old couch on eBay and the buyer was supposed to turn up between 12 and 2pm and at 1.55pm I get a call from him to say he didn’t receive my email and because we had not confirmed a time (which we did do in the email he didn’t get) he was not coming until next Saturday.

So to say I was annoyed was an understatement. But I managed to channel my annoyance into energy and got 4 good hours work done today. I laid the last uni’s onto the back of bulkhead 7 and started preparing the 13mm duflex panels which house the last pieces of the shell stage items such as floor webs and soles, cockpit furniture, steps and a few other pieces of the build for gluing together under the deck of the boat. I have removed all of the legs now so it is a big open space under there.

I think the next step will be to make some steps up to the deck from the ground out of the timber I braced the bridgedeck with to make getting up and down into the boat easier, one of the milk crates squashed under me and I almost did a face plant today. I ended up on my bum on the floor but lucky I didn’t fall more awkwardly and injure myself. A timely warning to make the steps.

I keep telling myself I have to get more hours in, as I only managed 30 hours so far this month. I did miss nearly 2 whole weekends (anniversary celebrations and this lost weekend), and I may also have a short month next month, next weekend the Sydney boat show is on and at the end of August I am going to the snow for a week but fortunately I will only miss one weekend instead of the usual 2 there. I am also thinking I would like to do some of the really meaty work soon, like planking the hull to deck curves, they are removed to glass the inside and can then be left off until the end once all the internal furniture is in, and I may finish the forebeam and fit it.

No pictures today but nothing much interesting that I have not already covered happened, but it should start to get interesting again in the next few weeks.

Time Spent: 30.00 Hours

Total build time so far: 968.00 Hours

Total Elapsed Time: 1 Year 10 months 3 weeks

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