Bridgedeck, Fairing

Underwing sanding.

Posted by Paul

I don’t think I can ever complain about the sanding on the decks of the boat because they must pale into insignificance when compared to the horror of sanding upside down. You may think I am exaggerating but not only do your arms start to ache the moment you lift the sander but you also get covered in the dust, it cant fail to fall in your face. I could only do a meter at a time and then had to go do something else for a while before returning to it, and I was only doing the 45 degree stuff on the chamfer panel, I am still to attempt the completely upside down stuff on the bridgedeck.

The good news is that the tapes are fairing out fairly well. I will probably still have to do another light layer of bog here and there. There seems to be 2 methods of bogging and fairing the tapes out, one method is to lay a fairly thick layer of bog then sand it down just once, the other method is to lay a thin layer of bog then fair it and fill again any low areas then sand again. I favour the light bog method. I think it is faster even though you sand twice both sands are lighter rather than having to sand down a thick layer all over. The other thing to remember is that apart from a meter or 2 at each end the rest is fairly well hidden so you can afford to be a little less fastidious on these sections.

I have decided that these underwing tapes don’t need to be finished to move on, so my plan is to do a metre here and a metre there until the entire underwing tapes on each side are done that way it wont seem like such a tough job. The hulls do not have to be completely faired now because there is still the top halves to make and fair into the bottom halves anyway, so even if I only do a meter each time I work it wont matter.

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