Catwalk, Foredecks

Under Catwalk Foredeck Sealed

Posted by Paul

In order to fit the foredeck over the already attached catwalk I had to cut the catwalk out of the deck and the space below it and then glue the cut out piece back in under the catwalk. I did that today but first I had to trim back the bridgedeck overhang.

Once I had that trimmed (which I did with a jigsaw and grinder) I found that fitting the under catwalk piece was too difficult with the underwing trimmed to the correct size (or oversize and trimmed later) and have the piece fit into the space. I found it easier to cut the thickness of the deck into the underwing like a rebate and have it fit that way, then once glassed it wont make any difference. I had also cut the catwalk cut out too small and had to cut more out so when it came to gluing the piece back in it was too narrow by about 20mm so I had to glue an offcut into it as I just couldn’t find the original offcut. Again no big deal, it just becomes part of the core once the join is completely glassed.

Once this is all set I can finish the trimming under the catwalk, round the corners and sand it smooth, glass it all and bog it while still green in preparation for fairing it. I still have to finish the front edges of the underwing stiffeners and give the bridgedeck curve a coat of bog also. At that point there will only be fairing and painting needed to finish that section of the boat. The side decks wont go on for some time because of other construction requirements which means that the foam noses cant go on until the side decks are on, so the front of the boat is not yet quite finished. But it is close.

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