Building Logs

Turning The Port Hull This Month?

Posted by Paul

I have titled the month “turning the hull” for the last 3 months, maybe this month is the one!!

It would be fair to say that we haven’t got much done in the last couple of months and that we should have been reporting, some time in May on the turning of the first hull, maybe even April if we hadn’t made the silly bog mistake. I am not too concerned about it and I guess in the end (and looking back on this period of the build in a year or two or even after the launch) it will seem insignificant or as just a part of the process. I include reports of these low spots or nothing periods because they are relevant to new readers interested in all that comes with building including mistakes or periods of inaction because they can happen. Rarely in any pursuit are there no ups and downs or periods of inertia and these are just the episodes of the build, good or bad, interesting or dull, positive or negative. I have promised (to myself) to record it all. So I apologize to the readers only interested in reading the technical stuff, of which there has been little lately. I am working on learning how to link from an index to parts of a page, so you can skip all the rest of the stuff and go only to the parts of more interest. More on that when I learn how to do it. And hopefully there will also be more rapid progress in future.

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