Too hot to work

Posted by Paul

I did not even go to the shed today knowing in advance how hot it would be inside it. I had the time but even though I want to get more done this year, it is just too hot to be effective.

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday that is worth adding (a forum entry reminded me) is the value of covering up even in the heat to perform certain tasks. Kerfing duflex with a circular saw is one task you want to wear a breathing mask, goggles and most importantly long sleeve shirt and gloves. The reason is that the circular saw spits out tiny shards of very sharp glass, hundreds of thousands of them, that hit your skin like tiny poison darts. You cant see them or even feel them initially but they will end up creating an itchy rash on your inner forearms. Even short cuts have resulted in rashes on my arms. Yesterday I cut what amounted to about 70 meters of cutting (60 cuts of about 1.2 meters each) and at the end of it I did not have a rash not even a pimple on my inner forearms. It is uncomfortable on hotter days but only for the time it takes to make the cuts. As soon as I was done I took the long sleeve shirt off again. But it works. It is worth the temporary short discomfort to avoid a longer discomfort later.

It does not look like cooling down tomorrow, the forecast is more of the same, cloudless sky (this is the main problem, sun beating down on steel roof superheats the shed) and about 38 degrees (over 100 Fahrenheit in the old scale) outside so about 10% hotter in the shed. I need a cooler day (or get up really early) to glue the kerfs on the wrap arounds as I need the open time on the glue to get all of the kerfs filled with glue without it starting to go off before I am done.

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