Starboard Hull, Taping hull joins and bulkheads

The start of the Bulkhead to Hull coves

Posted by Paul

It was cooler again today but being a Sunday I took it fairly easy again (the Test match is still on tv) but I did manage to do 2 of the 15 bulkhead to hull tapes. There are 9 bulkheads 0 thru 8 but the front of bulkhead 0 on the outside of the hull and the inside of 0 and front of 1 inside that tiny space wont be done until the hull is turned. Today I did the front of bulkheads 6 and 7. This included coving with filler then whilst the filler was still wet I glassed the 2 tapes on.

st bh7 covedst bh7 tapedst bh6 covedst bh6 taped

I coved the front of bh7 first then the front of bh6. I then immediately started to tape them. The whole job from start to finish took 4 hours, so that’s 2 hours per cove and tape. On this basis with 13 tapes to go I have about another 25 hours work to finish this hull. I think this will take me about 2 more weeks, maybe a little less depending on work. Either way I will finish before Christmas.

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