Starboard Hull, Taping hull joins and bulkheads

Temps Removed

Posted by Paul

I have removed the temporary bulkheads, although I am not quite finished with them yet. The curve shape of the hull to deck is made by strip planking cedar strips and I will need the temps of this section to create these curved panels. I will cut the un-needed sections of them out so they wont be quite as heavy and unwieldy as they are now.

sb looking fwdsb looking aft

With the temps removed you can see down the full length of the living area in the hull. In this hull the rear cabin is a berth and bulkhead 6 has a wider opening but it does not extend all the way to the floor (in the port hull the rear cabin is a bathroom and bulkhead 6 has a normal door).

So all that is left to be done is to tape all of the internal panel and bulkhead joins. Each section takes a few hours and there are 7 sections to do (I will do the last section in the bow later). Taping includes coving with filler and applying 2 tapes, a 150mm and a 100mm. I think it will take me about a week including 2 weekends at each end to finish them.

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