Forebeam, Strip planking

Temp bulkheads trimmed

Posted by Paul

Today I sanded the outside of the bottom half of the forebeam. I just have to glue the timber blocks and U-bolts in before I can glue the 2 halves together. Hopefully I will get that done this week and next weekend I can finish the beam.

I also trimmed the mdf temporary bulkheads down to just the top part with the hull side to deck curves from about 200mm below the WL1200 level. You only need to have just past the centreline but in order to make it easier to fix them in position I have left them full width, then I can run a leg brace to the chamfer and fix the sides to the hulls and the tops to a plank on the inside of the centreline so that I can run the strips to the centreline. It is important to have the centreline and WL1200 marks on the temps as these are needed to line the temps back up again in the hulls to ensure a fair panel when planking

bottom half forebeamflexi duracorehull turn temp bhtemp bh offcuts

The bottom half of the mdf temp bulkheads have been cut into step sides and stringers that I can run treads across and brace with timber to make the steps I have needed since I got the bridgedeck up. I hope to have these steps finished in the next few days.

The duracore planks are very flexible at 300mm so the 40mm strips should be even more flexible.
The only thing I wanted to have done today that I didn’t get done was to strip off some 40mm strip planks from the 300mm sheets. I plan to make some wider strips also as the flatter area on the top after the curve finishes to the centreline can be made from wider strips. There is a school of thought that I should run the strips off as i need them that way I can make them whatever width is needed as I go. I know from the instructions that 40mm is the standard width so I can cut a few of these and know I will need them. I want to cut a few off so know how easy it is to do and then to place the centreline one down as the starting point. I should get some stripped off during the week.

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