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Temp bulkheads in

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I attached 3 of the 5 temp bulkheads today, I couldn’t attach the last 2 because the height of them will in some way be dictated by the height of the rear bulkhead which is currently the wrong height. It is set for a walk through transom but I am not having the walk through transom. The way the plans came at the start was that there were 2 options, galley down with outboards and non walk throughs or galley up with walk throughs. We wanted galley up from day one, but were not sure on the walk throughs at that stage so went with the standard plans for galley up. What didn’t occur to us at the time is that we could mix and match. so ideally we would order the kit to be cut for galley up and non walk throughs. As it is we have the walk throughs but it is not a difficult task to build the transoms back to the height I need for non walk throughs. As it happens I am changing the rear step profile from the standard non walk through anyway because we are retaining the catwalk which is not part of the non walk through plans. So I pretty mach have to design it myself.

So I have built the transom back up to the height of the seat backs and will work back from there. I will set the next 2 temp bulkheads and see how the slope of the deck works from the temps and if I like the angle I will continue it down to the rear bulkhead. I don’t want a large lip up from the deck to the seat back height but I guess a small lip may be a good idea to keep any water that may wash down the hull sides from flowing into the cockpit. But this whole profile will have to be worked out as I go and then replicated on the other side.

temp bulkheads attachedbuilding walk thru back uprear bulkhead rebuiltnew stern profile

I wasted an hour today attaching the temp bulkheads only to realise I had started fitting them out of sequence. I thought there were 2 temps between 4 & 5 and 5 & 6 so started fitting temps 3 and 4 between bulkheads 5 and 6, only to realise there was only 1 temp between 4 & 5 so temps 2 & 3 go between bulkheads 5 and 6, if that all makes sense, anyway, I had to take them down and re fit the correct ones.

So after I did that I clamped a 25mm duflex offcut in the space of the walk through transoms, and traced the inside shape. James helped me cut it to shape and I fitted it to the opening. I will trace another one for the other side tomorrow and glue this piece in, then I can start to fit the last 2 temp bulkheads and then start on the strip planking.

There has been some progress on Nine Lives but I forgot my camera today so I had to use my phone. Below are 2 new photos and I will take some more from the inside of the nine lives later in the week.

nine lives aft deck nine lives forward deck nine lives logo

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