Standing bulkheads, Starboard Hull

Temp 3, Bulkhead 6, Temp 4 and 5 Stood

Posted by Paul

What a very productive day. 3 temps and a bulkhead stood in 6 hours. That’s an average of only 1.5 hours for each, about half what they were taking on the first hull. As I said yesterday I really love this part of the build. No dust, no noise so I can listen to the radio (Roy and HG on JJJ) and the joy of watching the hull develop as I go. I waste a lot of time just admiring my work!

The temp bulkheads are very heavy and although I have been able to stand them on my own, it would be silly not to have someone hold them up whilst I clamp them down which saves the balancing act that I normally do to get it done on my own. That someone on temp 3 was Jo and although the help in holding it up took only as long as it took me to tighten 4 clamps, (less than 2 minutes!) I am acknowledging my lovely wife’s help today but I am not going to bother adding her 2 minutes to the man-hours log.

Bulkhead 6 was stood and the keen eyed of you will notice that it does not have a doorway like the other bulkheads but a squarish opening wider at the top (bottom when the hull is turned the right way). This is the opening in the bulkhead to the bed in the aft cabin. The port hull has the main bathroom in this position and the starboard has another berth.

With temps 4 and 5 stood the last of the big heavy ones are now done. The next is bulkhead 7 which is the last of the spanning bulkheads and form the back of the cockpit seating and the back of the boat apart from the duckboard. After that there is only a small bulkhead that forms the steps in the rear of the hull overhang and then a very small temp to help form the transom shape.

So with the 3 stood yesterday and 4 today I have stood 7 bulkheads in 14 hours and more than half the boat done this weekend. I will have the rest of the bulkheads (2 bulkheads and 1 temp) left stood this week and should get started on the hull planking next weekend. I think its fair to say I am well into making the second hull now.

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