Standing bulkheads, Starboard Hull

Temp 1, Bulkhead 5, Temp 2 Stood

Posted by Paul

If you ask different people what part of the same movie they all liked you will likely get different answers from many of them. I am not sure if other builders enjoy the same areas of building and there are many parts of boatbuilding that are not enjoyable, such as sanding but, for me standing bulkheads is very enjoyable. As each one goes up the shape of the hull reveals itself. It is a very satisfying process. Another aspect that appeals to me (although I must say that it can also be a source of frustration if all is not exact) is the measuring, plumbing, leveling, squaring and general exactness required in this stage of the build.

So today was a good day, I loved every minute of it. I stood 2 temp bulkheads and bulkhead 5. The temps are very heavy and awkward to position on your own so they took me a lot longer than I expected they would. They took as long this time as last time but I guess they don’t get any lighter second time around. I also have a minor injury that is slowing me down a bit. I have strained a ligament in my left knee and have to wear a neoprene knee brace for a while, but it has only slowed me a little.

I predicted that I might be able to put the bulkheads up in about half the time this hull but it does not seem that I will make that sort of time. I think I will be faster but not by half, maybe a quarter so instead of 40 hours, I think 30 is achievable. I am just over half way (8 of 15) and have spent 18 hours standing them so far.

I will probably get another 2 temps and a bulkhead tomorrow. I am hoping to have all of the bulkheads stood by the end of next week (by getting 1 stood each afternoon) and perhaps start some of the planking late next weekend, remembering I still have to glass the inside of them.

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