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Tanks almost done

Posted by Paul

Not much work done this week but I had a good day at it today. I did some more tank work. And I got a job done that I have been putting off a while. The underside of the cockpit seating was not glassed at the edges (see the picture above) but before the rear tank can go in it needs to be done and while doing one side I may as well do both. There are a number of little jobs around the boat that are still to be done. Another is to glass some braces under the starboard rear berth top. I will do them tomorrow. Part of the reason I have not done this job is that it requires sanding and glassing in a tight confined space upside down. Not pleasant.

The tank work I did was to get all of the tank exit skin fitting fitted, sealed with sikaflex and I got the side, or most of the side on the dagger case tank. First I trimmed it so that with the side on it is exactly the same size so as to match the edge of the dagger case so that once in I can glue and glass a panel over the entire edge to finish it. Then I cut the end panel I have into smaller sections so that I could glue, cove and glass it from the inside by reaching in and doing it a small section at a time, this way only the top section wont have glue and glass inside. I filled the honeycomb core edges so that tomorrow I can shape the edges and glass the outside of the tank.

I also checked the fit of the black tank and trimmed a cm off the top so that the exit skin fitting with an elbow on fits neatly underneath. I will glass in some bracing either side of this fitting once I glue and glass the tank in. From the elbow a hose will go to the underwater through hull via an stop valve (above water).

All of the tanks now need to have their top skin fittings, the black will require 3, input, breather and suction outlet (for at dock vacuum pump out) and the grey tanks just 2, input and breather. Once I have the various fittings in and the tops glued and glassed on I will fill them all and leave them a while to ensure they dont leak.

I rounded off all of the under cockpit seating edges and coved the joins that needed coving and wet out the glass tapes. On the starboard side I had coved the edge a while ago (with excess coving from some other job) so that needed sanding to both key it and remove any spikes of glue or cove ready to take the glass. And then I rolled the wet out tapes and unrolled them as I applied them and finished by applying peel ply. Most will be behind liner panels or inside hatches but I am in a habit of peel plying all wet outs now so I will keep that up.

Tomorrow I will keep going on various tank work and finishing bits and pieces I have been letting slide. It does not matter when a job is done so long as it gets done.

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