Filling hull joins, Starboard Hull

Tabbing Started

Posted by Paul

After a good day yesterday I took it fairly easy today. After a sleep in watching TV I helped Jo set up her new shop and got the the warehouse at about 3.00pm and left at about 5.30pm but only spent 2 hours on the boat.

planked sb hull

I spent about half an hour inspecting the hull and poking around. It also gave me a chance to recall the minor problems that needed fixing in the port hull that also have to be done on the starboard hull. For those that have recently started reading the site, these minor problems are because ours is one of the first kits cut of this boat so there were a few minor gremlins in the cad cut. Here and there a panel is the wrong size or shape needing repair. Easy stuff really, and of no consequence to the structure as all will be under layers of glass, remember under the waterline the Duflex is really just a core for the glass that I am going to apply.

gap in sb keelgap in sb bh3

I have started to tab the hull panels. This pulls (or pushes) them up or down so that they are flush with each other. In some places the low panel needs to be pulled up in some the high panels need to be pushed down so that each panel stays fair along its length. This reduces the amount of bog needed to get the hull fair. The pictures below illustrate how uneven the panels can be before tabbing and how effective the tabs are in leveling it all out.

So once I have finished tabbing I will then fill the overly large gaps with Duflex, then get on and fill the panel joins using the piping bag method. I hope to have the tabs done by mid week and the Duflex filling done by the weekend so that I can have all of the filler into the joins over the next weekend. I am on schedule to have the hull glassed and bogged this month.

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