Bad bog

Stilled Getting The Bad Bog Off

Posted by Paul

I have had a lazy weekend, with a bad case of the CBB’s (Couldn’t be bothered) the natural enemy of the project boatbuilder. It is sometimes hard to maintain enthusiasm and motivation when having to do either the unpleasant tasks involved in boatbuilding (sanding) or having to do a long, hard tedious job that is purely the result of a silly mistake and one you wouldn’t normally have to do. But you have to fight it or the job will stall. There are days like this. Most days you will jump at every task because it results in tangible progress but there are days that you have to look past the drudgery of the task at hand to the end result.

So I still have about 3 hours of bog stripping, maybe 2 if I work hard. I should still have it done this week maybe even by tomorrow.

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