Side decks, Strip planking

Still working the planks

Posted by Paul

I am almost ready to glass the first strip planked section. Because I have modified the height of the outboard well the turn of the planks is a bit harsher than it would otherwise be and I am not able to get them to bend exactly the way I would like. This is not unusual, I have seen a photos of the stern sections being filled on another build and they had similar problems. The solution appears to be to get the planks glued as close to the shape as I can then use bog to achieve the shape. So I have a small 200mm section to glue in and some shaping with bog to do, I am not sure if the bog should be before or after I glass, maybe both. At times the planks have resembled weatherboard cladding on a house but the gluing and sanding soon levels it out again, so hopefully there wont be too much bog needed once I have glued all the parts in and sanded it to shape.

I have had to glue small sections at a time, which means waiting until the next day to continue. The reason is that the planks just wont bend the angles and distance needed, they just break so I am bending a short way, holding them there with screws and blocks while the glue I have applied sets then I work it a bit further. But I think I have gone as far as I can now with this method and I will just glue the gaps up then fix the shape up with bog.

planking gapplanks almost ready to glass2planking hanging glass to cutplanking hanging glass

I am hoping that I can glass the outside of the planks on Saturday, then remove the hole panel and sand and glass the inside on Sunday, re attaching the panel to the boat to set.

Tomorrow I will glue the last sections and trim the glass to shape ready for the weekend.

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