Building Logs

Still on the Panels!

Posted by Paul

First up today I cut out the last of the bulkheads and then I glued the last of the 19mm panels (the bridgedeck) well all except 4 which I will do tomorrow, leaving only the 13mm outside furniture panels still to be glued. We will glue those when we need to start fitting the furniture. I should probably glue them now while I have the room but I am a bit impatient to get the shape of a boat happening as soon as I can. There will still be room between the hulls when they are joined to glue panels together. I only worked on the boat for about 3 hours today and I spent about half an hour trying to work out what was going on with the bridgedeck.

Setting out the bridgedeck for gluing was a little tricky, as the panels didn’t seem to make the correct shapes that the plan indicated they would. I realised after some head scratching that the panels were stacked on the pallet out of order, so I rearranged them and they now make the panels they should. I shouldn’t blame ATL, perhaps I took them off the pallet in the wrong order…. although I can’t see how, but if this is the biggest problem I face I will be well pleased! The lesson today was that the plans help amateurs like me sort out small issues such as that and not to panic.

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