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Still on Roof Planks

Posted by Paul

I forgot to mention last week, on the 24th I passed a milestone, I passed the 3 year anniversary of the start of actual boat building. I made the strong back in early October 2005 and on 24/10/05 I glued the first of the panels together on the strong back. I originally set myself the goal of finishing the boat in 5 years, so Oct 2010. I am sure I will achieve this. My current thinking is that 2 more years is my worse case scenario and another year is my best case but the most likely outcome is finishing around March 2010, 18 months from now. I am still hoping to have the boat at lock up by January (minus windows and doors) and then working inside the boat all of 2009 and then fairing and final finish starting late next year. I also think, if business improves or to be more precise if we have no more business disasters, that I will hire some help to fair and paint the boat which would save me about 6 months of normal build time. 3 different builders have told me that fairing can take up to a whole year on your own. So if I get a crew in and it takes them 2-3 months then I will be very happy to save 9 months of really hard work.

roof sb front cornerroof port front corner

I have not had as much time to work on the boat as I would have liked this week, but I did get a couple of hours today. I stripped some more of the duflex offcuts ready to glue down on the weekend. I have enough material now to finish most if not all the roof now. I still have some more shorted pieces to glue together which I will do tomorrow so that they are set for use on Saturday. I really should have done them today but I didn’t so tomorrow will have to do. I also cut some mdf to the radius of the curves on the front of the roof to help with the shaping and bedding down of the planks.

Tomorrow I will also sand the glue from the roof so that it is ready to be glassed. I will still have to glue the planks on the side and then sand them back once set but I can do them from the side. I have put my full weight on the roof to get the screws out, and will need to again to back fill those holes (tomorrow) then once more to touch these up with the sander just before glassing, and I will probably find it easier to wet the glass out by getting on it and working from the middle out by pouring resin onto the top then spreading it around with a squeegee and rollers. I will probably also spread a thin layer of bog onto the glass once it has tacked off but whilst still green.

I doubt I can get that done this weekend but you never know. If I do get it glassed on the outside by Sunday night then I should have it turned over and started on the inside the next weekend and by the end of November I may have it up on the boat. I still have to fair the top, which is a pretty big job but the bulk of the roof is flat so I think I can get it done around then. That will give me December to get the massive saloon wrap around onto the boat.

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