Fairing, Starboard Hull

Still More Sanding

Posted by Paul

I hand sanded the chamfer turn with the pool noodle tool today. That was a tough half hour! I also filled a few more places in the hull that I thought could use some more fill including 2 more holes that I created by using the Stanley knife to remove some more suspect glass that hadn’t bonded to the glass below. You can find it by running your hand along the glass and listening for a change in the sound that is made. I had considered leaving them as they will end up under a number of coats of resin and highbuild and then another 2 coats of copper epoxy as they were on the keel, but I thought better of it and filled them in.

In all there have been about 12 of these holes that I filled and that created about an hours extra work. All but 2 were on the edge of a tape, about half were under the waterline and 3 of those were on the keel near the bow. All were on the very last 100mm tapes. Not a big deal in the long run. They fill back to invisible once the highbuild goes on. These pics show what they look like filled and sanded.

filled sanded 1filled sanded 2

Once I sand the final fills I did today, and give the hull another wash down I will be ready for the resin and highbuild on Saturday.

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