Starboard Hull, Taping hull joins and bulkheads

Still More Internal Tapes

Posted by Paul

I only had time to do an hours work on the hull today but I still managed to get an internal section of hull taped. The most forward living space in the Starboard hull, is the ensuite bathroom between bulkhead 3 and 4 and is about 1 meter in length. It is still 6 joins, so 12 tapes and they all need coving first, although the chamfer chine is partially already filled and sanded on the hull. But being only a meter long, I managed to get them done in an hour.

It was another very hot day today (35c) and I had to work fast with the coving filler which partially explains how I was able to get done so fast. I was glad to knock off early and go for a swim.

Now there are 4 sections to go and each is about a meter or less so I figure on 4 hours or less to get these done, then it is on to the more difficult bulkhead coves.

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