Building Logs, Gluing panels

Still Gluing the Panels

Posted by Paul

After about 2 weekends of work doing about 5 hours each day, I have nearly completed all of the 16mm panels which comprises all the full length hull panels (and some furniture panels). I have cut out some of them (in the last picture from October you can see some of the full length hull panels stacked along the back wall on the floor, behind the last of the 16mm panels waiting to be glued together) and will cut the rest next week as this weekend is Schionning’s annual muster and it is a good opportunity to actually sail on a cat for the first time! That’s right, I have never actually been on a cat that wasn’t tied to a marina! I hope I like it!!

Another tip is to keep the reasonably sized off cuts of duflex if you have the storage space as there could be times when you will fabricate parts with them, you can always cut them up and throw them away later.

The next batch of panels are the bulkheads, the method of gluing is the same but the panels are 25mm.

I found that liquid citrus cleaner is great for washing sticky glue off your hands. It is better than using acetone as that just spreads the stickiness around. Citrus really works and you smell like oranges!


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