Building Logs

Still Gluing The Panels Down

Posted by Paul

Over the last couple of days I have managed a couple of hours here and there. I have glassed the inside of the last panel that I didn’t get to do last week because of the rush to get the panels on yada, yada, but I now have them done.

I have glued all of the panels (except the chamfer) to the bulkheads with the help of a new friend. Lauren is a 17 year old girl that wants to be a boat-builder as her profession. Her father Brian delivered some stock to our business, saw what I was doing in the warehouse (besides running a business) and noted that his daughter was interested in boat building and would I mind if he bought her along for a look. She asked if she could help here and there to get some experience and I gladly agreed. She is very helpful and keen to learn (she can fit in between bulkhead 0 & 1 to glue from the inside that I had no hope of doing!), I cant teach her much as I am no more experienced than she is, but at least she gets some experience on some aspects of the materials used. If there is anyone reading this that has a boat building business and is looking for an apprentice, I can thoroughly recommend Lauren to you. Send us an email and I will pass on the details.

There are no new photos as a glued panel does not look any different to a screwed down panel but I will soon start to fair the panels before gluing them to each other (fill the horizontal gaps in the hull) and will take some close ups of how the panels can be coerced into laying level and flat with each other. And then there will be the filleting coving before I apply the boat length layers of glass that seal and reinforce the hull inside and out.

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