Bad bog

Still Getting The Bad Bog Off

Posted by Paul

As of today (Saturday) I have managed to get all the soft bog off the outboard side of the hull and about half of the inboard side. I will be able to finish the stripping back tomorrow and should have the hull sanded and ready for reapplication during the week. So in the end this little mishap looks to have cost me about 2 weeks.

Some good news is I have the mother of all dust extractors. I bought it on Ebay for $535 delivered. It was delivered on Wednesday but I only managed to get it assembled today. It works really well, this thing would suck the skin off a passionfruit! I am going to try some pvc plumbing pipe step downs and a 9mt length of pool vacuum hose and another step down to the sander dust bag outlet. With that I should be able to reach anywhere on the boat with the dust extractor. It is on castors so can be moved from the front to the back if needed but the long hose should mean I would not need to move it much. The dust extractor has 3 inlet ports so I can replicate the hose and have 2 tools (or 3) going at the same time. I will report on how this all works after I get the rest of the parts and set it all up.

dust extractor

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