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Still fitting steps.

Posted by Paul

The steps are progressing slowly. The model outboard that I am planning on Etec 25hp is not released here yet so I don’t have isometric dimensions of it so if you are reading this in the US and can get a drawing with top of cowling to tip of skeg for the long shaft I would be extremely grateful. I have been told the height of the 40hp and it is about the size in height of the Honda 15/20 4 stroke. As the Etec are 2 stroke this may be possible. Anyway, it is extremely unlikely that the 30hp could be taller and deeper than the 40hp so I am fairly comfortable that the Honda will be at least as big as it. And if not then at least I will know that the Honda 20 will fit.

But it is extremely tight. I had the mock up (the boys making the wells for Nine Lives had to make a full size mock up 1:1 of the Honda 15) in the well and the height I was going to have the step that would be atop it was too low by about 50mm. So I am reassessing the step risers. I want to try to keep to exactly the same risers on each step, the depth of step tread can be different but the rises ought to be uniform.

outboard mock in wellcutting steps

Then I also noticed that the plans call for the transom block on the sliding rail ought to be 200mm from the back of bulkhead 6. I had the outboard right up against the bulkhead so not giving enough space for the tracks and car for the outboard to run on. So when I moved it back 100mm or so and because both the hull is angled up and the deck of the hull angling down, moving the outboard mock up back 100mm made the need for raising that top step another 100mm.

So in effect, from the mdf mock up I have raised the top step about 200mm, that’s almost another step rise. So the transition step has to be raised also, and the one below etc. Or I need to change the step rises back up to 300mm (I had them set at 250mm). Or a combination and compromise of both.

So the set up process is a slow one but important enough to get right. It effects not only the aesthetic of the boat but the function. The outboard wells must have enough room to fit the motors I want, the steps must be safe, functional and comfortable. I am getting closer but it is slow going at the moment but I am at least encouraged that I have an idea of where I am going with them, something I could not say last month.

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