Dagger cases, Soles

Still Fitting Floors in Bows

Posted by Paul

I have not made much progress during this week. I did finish sanding and fairing the second daggerboard so apart from some pinhole filling in both boards they are faired and ready to paint.

The 4 case halved are also all made so now I have to glue the halves together to complete the cases. I will copper epoxy the bottom 300mm (I was told that barnacles cant grow inside the cases because it is too dark but I will still give them a coat just to be sure. I need to trim the front of the case halves as they are oversize, but they are just the right size at the rear so I don’t need to trim there.

dagger cases need trim

I have also made the rest of the false floors and dry fit them. The most forward of them between BH1 and BH2 will be set about 650mm from the top and have through deck hatches and they will be used for fenders and docking lines, nothing too heavy (you don’t want too much weight in the bows). While I was cutting them to size I had one just a little out of shape and as a result it was catching in the forward inboard corner. I was about to trim it to correct it so that the floor would be level when it occurred to me that not only did it not matter because at any moment the bow could be up or down from level, fore and aft or port to starboard, but ideally (assuming a dead calm and level float) you want one (inboard) corner to be lower than the other three and to have a through hull drain in that corner so that any water that gets into the hatch will drain right out again. So now I am deliberately setting the forward hatch floors down on the inboard back corner.

I also have the bases (the strips glued to the hull or bulkhead that the floor glues to) cut to size and some of them glued in ready to glass the base of each floor and glue it in. Hopefully I can get that done tomorrow so that I am then ready to start working on the forebeam and when it is trimmed to size and the slot cut I can glue it in.

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