Starboard Hull, Taping hull joins and bulkheads

Still Coving and Taping Bulkheads

Posted by Paul

Firstly apologies to the readers that have been unable to get onto my site for the past few days. The server claims they were hit SYN attack which is apparently where they are maliciously bombarded with hits that slows or stops there site. I have been moved to another server and it now seems ok. My original Australian server became due for renewal at $100 a year in November and I did a search for budget hosting and found one for $10 a year! But I guess you pay for what you get. It may have been a one off but only a month in I lost a week so we will see. Given the price I guess I cant complain if my site is up more than 10% of the time!

I have taped a couple more of the bulkheads. I have a third of them done now. I wont be working on the boat over this weekend, we are having an early family Christmas and I will be away for the weekend. So I will attempt to get them finished on the following weekend and during the week so that the hull is completed before Christmas.

I don’t think I will turn the hull until after Christmas. I may even be moving them so I am on no real hurry to turn the hull until I am sure what is going to happen next.

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