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Stepping Out?.

Posted by Paul

After much back and forth on the steps and the careful use of the remaining duflex I now have the step material all cut and have dry fitted the port side (unfortunately I forgot the camera so no pics) I have now taken the parts back off the port side and have trimmed the mirror image starboard parts so that they are exactly the same as the port side and should in theory fit exactly the same as the port side did.

I have also made sure I have the material for the back of the raised duckboard and most of the lids that make up the tread of duckboard and lids over the hatches below, it may just be the middle one that I have to use polycore for. Once this is all done I have finished the external construction of the boat and all of the materials I will need from now on are internal where again I will use polycore and ply. So I have made it. I have all the material I need to finish the boat shell.

Its funny how time perception changes. Before I started the steps, because I could not get my head around how to design them I anticipated that it would take me quite a while to make them. Then as the idea started to evolve I got the feeling that it would be quite easy and much easier than I had originally thought. Then as the actual fitting and making started, I started to realise just how time consuming and tricky they are. I initially started to set them a little higher because of the size of the Honda template and these really through out all of my initial measurements, but then I got the Evinrude dimensions and I could lower them back down and it all worked again. So finally now that I am into the construction phase again I can see the end of them, and the end could happen rather fast with the actual steps because being mirror images I am making both sides at once and I imagine all of a sudden the steps will be finished.

second steps squaredtop steps glued

I am starting to glue the steps together in sections. I will completely construct the steps down to bulkhead 8, the bulkhead that has the rudder slung off the front of it, off the boat. And complete them off the boat, that includes cutting out the engine room hatches, and all fairing. It will be much easier to fair them off the boat at bench level than on the boat. I will also fit the LED rope light into the step overhangs. For the 2 steps below bulkhead 8 that include the kick up rudder boxes, these will also be constructed off the boat separate to the section above that I am making now and then when all of these parts are finished they will be ready to glue and glass onto the boat.

But before either section can go on, the outboard rail tracks and transom carriage will need to be fitted, the through hulls cut and the closing flap fitted and also the buoyancy compartments that go around the outboard legs (besides adding buoyancy they minimise the size of the wet area in the engine bay so that the volume of water inside the boat is minimized. And the rudders and rudder boxes will also need to be made and fitted as the bottom steps are finished.

I will also need to sort out my steering or at least the end of it at the rudders as I go. There is a lot of work in, what really is the business end of the boat, where the mechanical power and steering is all located.
So there is quite a lot of work to come and it will be at least another month maybe longer before the rear steps will go onto the boat and glued and glassed in. Again I would have liked to get more hours done this month. I really need to be getting 80 hours a month but again I have only managed 62 hours. Perhaps I can still get a few more hours this month in the next 2 days.

Time Spent: 64.00 Hours

Total build time so far: 2264.00 Hours

Total Elapsed Time: 3 Years 6 months, 4 weeks

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