Side decks, Strip planking

Starting on starboard planking

Posted by Paul

I noticed today that I have some blisters in the internal glassing of the strip planked section. This is because the panel had opened up whilst only the outside was glassed and was upside down for the internal glassing, and when closed up on the boat this pushed the glass together and created blisters. I tried to roll them out with the special tool but some just would not stay down. One solution would be to put a temp bulkhead at the bow and another at the stern that could stay attached to the panel at all times, or just removed for a moment while I glass under it, meaning that I would be glassing the panel in the correct shape so that there is no stretching or bunching of the wet glass then replace the panel on the boat in the correct shape.

To fix the blisters I will grind them out, then lay another layer of thin (surfboard) glass over the top, not a difficult job but more work, which is always annoying.

blisters in glassstarboard plank temps ready

I have moved all of the temp bulkheads over from the port hull to the starboard hull, levelled and plumbed them so I am now ready to plank the starboard hull. I will make a start on it tomorrow.

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