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Start on Nav Cabinet

Posted by Paul

A short day today, Jo is down for a week, but I leave for the Sanctuary Cove boat show on Tuesday so because of us living in separate states for a while we went out for the afternoon. I did manage to get a start on the nav cabinet that will house the electronics and paper maps and other navigation equipment.

The aft bedroom wall forms the start of the cabinet as it emerges from the stair well so the first step was to make the shelves that will ultimately dictate the shape of the cabinet. I have a set curve that I used on each corner of the settee so using that curve to maintain consistency all that was really required was that curve on the forward corner, the rest are right angles and the depth and length. The depth was already decided and the stair well wall bend has already been set to the depth, I made it so the top is the standard 600 deep. The door and the chamfer dictate the length of the cabinet, a neat and relative to depth, 1200mm. So making the shelves was a fairly simple matter.

The height of the kickboard is also set by the rest of the furniture on the bridgedeck so once I had run a strip off at 150mm (the height of the kickboard on the saloon settee) I measure the length required, cut it to length, measured where the curve started and ended at the front right corner, cut kerfs on the inside of the panel and bent it around the shelf in order to glue it and glass it to shape. I ran some sticky tape on the panel to stop it from sticking to the shelf because I was only using the shelf to set the shape, but I wanted to glue and glass it to the bridgedeck before attaching the shelf later although I may change my mind on that as I am likely to get a better bond glassing the kickboard to the shelf and then glassing the shelf and kickboard to the deck.

Next Tuesday I head off to the boat show so I wont get any more work done on my boat until late the following week, set up is Wednesday so I drive up Tuesday, then the show runs from Thursday to Sunday. If you are going to the show stop in to my tiny stand and introduce yourself and have a chat. Stand TP-18P Boatebiz. TP stands for The Promenade, 18 is the number of my P, for pagoda, which is a tent in the street rather than a booth inside one of the main big tents. Its about 1/4 of the price cheaper, and who knows it might be better than being inside with all the other booths. The big variable is the weather, if it is as bad as last year then I have probably made a mistake if it is nice then it may pay off, who knows.

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