Bogging, Bridgedeck, Coving, Taping hull joins and bulkheads

Starboard Underwing coved, taped and bogged.

Posted by Paul

Back on the real boat today and I managed in 5 hours what it took me 7 hours to do last Sunday. I coved, taped, and bogged the starboard hull to underwing join. Some of that extra 2 hours last week was preparation for this job such as sanding the rough glue away in the join and cutting the tapes to length and rolling them onto the wombat top axle but otherwise I was working faster as I had the benefit of having already done the same job last week and ironing out the problems so that the job went more smoothly.

I started with a thicker mix of coving filler and then running a more runny mixture over the top to smooth it out. The thicker cove does not drip but it is also harder to get a good finish hence the 2 applications. Even though I did this job this way, it would seem like more work but it is much faster. Then to finish it properly I painted a layer of resin on the panel the thickness of the widest tape, and used the brush with resin to smooth out the cove even further.

I then applied the 2 tapes. I used the same method as last week, I used the wombat to wet out, then unrolled the tape onto the job, pressing it down with a paint roller as I went and this week the tape stuck down far better, it didn’t try to fall off, as it stuck to the tacky resin coat on the panel. Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of the glass before I bogged it as I had to keep working.

Then I applied the bog. I made a bigger trowel this week so that I could apply it much wider with each stroke and the bog took half the time it took me last week to get on.

Now that the last tape is on and bogged I only have to complete the sanding of each side and apply a coat or 2 of highbuild to finish the underside of the boat.

Time Spent: 66.00 Hours

Total build time so far: 938.00 Hours

Total Elapsed Time: 1 Year 9 months 4 weeks

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