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Starboard planking

Posted by Paul

Today was a most frustrating day. It was hot and the going was slow. Do you ever have days where you seem to be working hard but have little or nothing to show for it at the end of the day? Today was one of those days and little things slowed me down all day, as well as the heat. So despite spending 8 hours working on the boat, it only looks like a couple hours of actual productive time. You get days like these I guess.

I clear taped all of the edges so that the panel wont stick to them, adjusted a bulkhead here and there where I saw a dip that would create an unfair surface that would otherwise have required more bog than necessary to fix, I ripped strips for planking and attached some of them to the hull.

sb planking started

I really expected I would have most of the planking done today, but in the end I barely got a start. It was hot all day so in the end I conceded that it was on of those days and knocked off and went swimming. Jo was in Sydney all day finished here Marriage Celebrants course, so pending getting her authority from the Attorney Generals department she is a qualified celebrant. If we can organise the correct insurances we may perform weddings on the boat one day, tied up to a marina as we are not building to survey, I will have to look into the undoubted reams of red tape.

We passed a minor milestone this week, we started working on the boat in October 2005, so we have passed 2 years. We started on the strongback in early October 2005 and in the last week of October we started gluing panels together on the strongback. We set a 5 year goal and we seem to be on target, in fact we are hoping we may even be able to finish in 4 years, so we could have just passed half way, although half way would be 2000 hours as they estimate 4000 for the build.

I am sure I will make up for lost time during the week by getting the rest of the planks on the boat by next weekend when I will glue them and maybe even glass the outside by the end of the weekend.

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