Dinghy, Side decks, Strip planking

Starboard planking done

Posted by Paul

The starboard planks are on the boat. I still have to trim some of the planks at the stern and finish shaping it, then I have to level the planks to each other, which I should get done tomorrow. Then I can glue them on Thursday and Friday afternoons, sand the glued planks on Saturday morning and glass and bog on Saturday afternoon. Its a bit of a push and best laid plans etc but I don’t think it will be too much of a stretch to have the outside glassed by Sunday afternoon. I still have the stern to sort out and last time this took me a few hours, but I have an idea now how to finish it so that should save some time.

Even though there is still so much to do on the main build, I decided I would do a little on the dingy today, for 2 reasons, there has been increased interest on it from readers here and members of a multi hull forum with some expressing interest enough in buying plans (if I can get them properly and accurately drawn so anyone can follow them, I am hoping to sell them for $100 which for an existing or contemplating catamaran builder is a bargain considering it replaces an inflatable that costs $2000 and is far superior and can be built virtually for nothing except some offcuts and a little glass and resin and about 30 hours build time), so I want to get this boat finished and on the water so I can take some better photos and videos and get the detailed plans available, so for those that read this and are interested I am working on it, and of course with summer coming it will be fun to have it on the water. I am even working on attaching a wind surfer mast and sail and a rudder and seeing if the dingy will sail. More on that later. That is the reason I cut the anchor hatch in the top of the bow section instead of the vertical bulkhead face which is where I would glass in a mast tube.

I am also hoping a friend of James will airbrush the sides for me but I wont mention that yet, rather hoping to show stunning pics of it later to surprise everyone. I also have one other reason to get the hatches on the dingy done, I want to practice coring and filling the panels as I will need to do that efficiently soon on the main build. I know I did it on the uni troughs but that was on a fairly straight line, but I need to core around corners for hatches and door and window frames which have corners or curved sides so the practice will be helpful.

All in all, considering the muster fell in the middle of the month I haven’t done too badly this month. With a few hours tomorrow I should get close enough to 70 hours for the month. I have to start to lift this to 100 hours a month over the next year, then 150 a month in the final year to get anywhere near finished in 4 years.

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