Starboard Inside Deck Fully Glued

Posted by Paul

The glue from attaching the starboard bow panel was still very green and rubbery today so I could not sand it to clean it up for glassing. Whilst it might be ready tomorrow the back filling I did today wont be so it is better to leave it all to set properly and I will sand it on Friday ready for glassing on the weekend.

sb beam glued topsb beam glued under

The backfilling involved removing the tabs holding the panels flush, whilst the glue is rubbery the panels are set in place, and filling the gaps behind them. I also had a gap over the beam where the panel didn’t exactly meet the beam so I filled that with an offcut from the piece cut out for the beam, and there was also a gap under the beam that needed to be filled with glue. This is all filling of the core (and the glue becomes part of the core) as all of these joins and glue areas will be glassed over.

It took me a couple of days to glass inside and out on the port hull and then to glue the conduit on and then to bog the outside. I am hoping to do all of this on the weekend.

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