Hull webs, Internal fitout, Soles

Starboard fwd webs in

Posted by Paul

With the Port bedroom and wardrobe webs in, glued and glassed and the soles sitting dry in place, I started on the same 2 compartments in the starboard hull. These proved much easier to fit as I had pre glassed the hull floors, so all I needed to do was score (sand) the glass to ensure a mechanical grip for the glass tapes before gluing down the webs. I started dry fitting the webs and trimming them where necessary. Then I glued down the centre webs and let them dry. Once they are dry I can more easily cove and glass the centre web without it moving. Then wet on wet I can easily glue, cove and glass the smaller cross webs.

bedroom sole inport fwd solesbedroom sole 2sb webs in dry

I am hoping to have all of the webs glued in by the end of this weekend. I have half of them in so far but the last 4 are the largest. I will be away the following weekend (Wednesday to Wednesday) at the snow, then when I get back to the boat I will start on the uni troughs in the top of the bulkheads. Then once they are done I will have to finish the forebeam before gluing it in. Then I can start on the strip planking of the hull to deck turns.

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