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Starboard End Lounge Kickboard On

Posted by Paul

The Port side deck is glued on, all voids filled and ready to sand smooth in order to glass (tape). The long outside tapes need some time to do so will need to be done on the weekend if the weather is not too hot (because of the time it takes to get the entire length on I need time so the resin does not go off as I dont plan to wet out on the job, I plan to use the wombat wet out machine. I have not used it since glassing the bridgedeck on.

The inside joins are between bulkheads so are only 2 meters or so each, but they are upside down. The best way to ensure an upside down tape stays up is to pre wet the join with resin, let it tack off then apply the tape.

During the weeknights I have got an hour here and there, I have backfilled the bottom edge of the lounge facia panel (Tuesday), sanded it the smooth and glassed it onto the lounge frame (Wednesday) and glassed the starboard stair end of the lounge kickboard on. I did this by shaping an unglassed length of polycore and glassing it in place with the curve formed in place rather than kerfing a flat glassed panel. It was just a 1 meter section and I think it worked out ok. Once it has set I can use to to guide the facia shape above it.

front panel edge fillcurved kickboard sb end

I am not sure if I can glass the facia panel in place from an unglassed piece of polycore. With the kickboard I have the bridgedeck to anchor the curve to and it holds its shape well enough as a result, but the facia does not have this, so I may have to either glass one side at a time to create he curve or kerf a flat panel and fair it.

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