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Starboard case exit faired.

Posted by Paul

Today I created more dust. There is nothing more ironic than bogging and fairing. You slap this stuff on just to sand 99% of it back off again. I applied a bit more bog to this hull than the other so it took a little longer to get it all off again. To save a bit of time I ground some of the really thick parts down before I started sanding with a random orbital. This side was much better in terms of bubbles under the glass and also for splinters up inside the case. I still had a couple of bubbles though and did the same as I did on the port side, I sanded the glass away and filled the slight low with glue and smeared some up inside the case along the glass edges and along the edges of the exit. This will be sanded again but leaving a thin layer for added strength along the edges.

sb case exit faired

After a little more sanding of the glue smears on each hull, the hulls will be ready for recoating first with some highbuild to fill the tiny pits in the bog, then the copper epoxy back on to finish.

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