Building Logs

Starboard BH4 replaced

Posted by Paul

The final task in this mast base work to do was replace the removed bulkhead section. The port side went fairly smoothly over a few midweek afternoons and the starboard was not different. Tuesday afternoon I glued the parts back in, coved and glassed them to the hull sides and sole wet on wet. And Friday I ground down any excess glue and glassed the panel both sides to cover any joins and return its structural integrity.

It is satisfying to have the boat restored to the point before I had to cut the bulkheads away. It would have been nice to figure out a way to glass the mast bases in before the bulkhead went in the first time to save having to cut away a perfectly good bulkhead, but there really was not other way, even in retrospect, because the sole needed to be down before the mast base glass and in order to do that, the bulkhead had to be in before the sole could be glued down. Now that the boat is restored and the full structural integrity is back anyway I guess its just one of those things, it seems like poor productivity but in the end the only way.

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