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Starboard bedroom sole glued

Posted by Paul

With the shower base glued in, the next job was to glue in the starboard bedroom sole, or most of it. I have cut the rear third of it off and will glue that in separately. Again I glued in the pine stringers for the sole to bed onto and let it set.

ready to glue sb solesb bedroom sole glued

Then today I glued the forward 2 thirds of the bedroom sole in. The rear third will be glued and glassed in once I complete the plumbing and wiring. This section houses the sump and auto float sump pump and will also have an inspection plate on it so that the pump can be accessed for service and to clean the sump. No doubt the sump will accumulate hair. My solution will be to put stocking feet over the ends of the pipes to act as a filter. An elastic band will hold the stocking on and every week or 2 I will take them off for cleaning. Hopefully this keeps the pump clear and prolongs its life.

new vanity layout

I have also rethought the shape of the vanity cabinet and top. The reason is 2 fold. First, with the mast stepped on the other side of the rear ensuite wall I figured that I could spread the load from that bulkhead to the next with a full size vanity and top rather than one that ends about half way. The other thing the extended top does is allows me to run some pipes along under the top inside the cabinet from the holding tanks in behind the toilet and through the ensuite (out of sight) and with stop cocks down to through hulls, so with the stop cock accessible I can close off the outlet to store waste in no drop areas.

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