Standing bulkheads, Starboard Hull

Standing Bulkheads on the Starboard Hull

Posted by Paul

I have formally started building the starboard hull. I have stood the first 2 bulkheads, bulkheads 0 and 1. I am using the same leg positions as used on the port hull so that no matter if I had made a mistake in the original positioning of the bulkheads in the port hull they will match the positions of the bulkheads in the starboard hull anyway. I am using the same bolt holes to fasten the legs in position. In this way I should not have to measure the distance from bulkhead 0 each bulkhead needs to be, but I cant help myself and am still measuring anyway. So far so good.

Of course I am still making sure the bulkheads are at the correct height and also are square to a stringline run down the side of the hull at WL1200 and exactly the same distance from the centreline at each end and then double checking it is square by measuring the distance from the bulkhead in front at various points around the bulkhead. I also have to make sure that they are plumb and level on all planes by using the square and a level and again measuring from the bulkhead in front and from the strongback.

Last time I spent far more time and care than needed in making sure everything was right to the micro millimetre on the port hull. Whilst it is important that the bulkheads are in the right place, at the right height and level, plumb and square, a millimetre here or there is not going to be either visible or effect the way the boat sails. There are 4 bulkheads that traverse the boat (bulkheads 4, 5 , 6, 7) and join to each other and need to meet up so these are the 4 that the most care needs to be taken on, the rest will only effect the shape of the hull if they are too far out but again a millimetre here or there wont make much difference.

starboard bulkhead 0starboard bulkhead 1

I am going to the boat show tomorrow but hope to have at least 3 or 4 more bulkheads and temporaries stood on Sunday.

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