Standing bulkheads, Starboard Hull

Some Habits Die Hard

Posted by Paul

I mentioned that I should be able to finish the starboard hull a little faster than I did the port hull. That is provided I actually get off my butt and do the work, and that I don’t repeat some of the things I did on the port hull. This weekend I only managed 3 hours work. I went to the boat show on Saturday. Boat shows are great places to get ideas for fitout and also great places to get motivated. Its hard not to want a finished boat when standing on one. That said, it didn’t motivate me to get into it today. Jo and I went window shopping for furniture, which took half the day, then I felt really lazy and tired this afternoon and only got motivated to go and do anything at 3pm then when I did start I didn’t want to stop but had promised to make dinner so went home at 6pm. So little work done and what little I did was to fuss over being a millimeter out on bulkhead 1 which I couldn’t get past without correcting it. Its an old habit of mine. I just cant help measuring, re measuring, measuring again, then just to be sure re re measuring. And if it is out, I have to correct it and re do the whole measure, re measure process!

In a way it is a good habit to have but half an hour goes by and I realize I haven’t really done anything. In 3 hours today I only managed to adjust bulkhead 0 and 1 and stand bulkhead 2. No doubt I will fuss over bulkhead 2 for half an hour before I actually do anything tomorrow.

So I did manage to get the third bulkhead stood today, bulkhead 2 and the measurements are good and the bulkheads are all plumb, level and square. Tomorrow I hope to have bulkhead 3 attached to the strongback and maybe even bulkhead 4, the first of the traversing bulkheads. Then, like last week, I will be in Melbourne until Thursday.

starboard bulkhead 0 and 1starboard bulkhead 2

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