Internal fitout, Soles

Soles in

Posted by Paul

We leave on a weeks holiday tomorrow, and I have all of the soles in place. They are just dry fitted sitting in place. They make getting in and out of the hulls so much easier. I still have plumbing and electrical wiring conduits to fit under the soles and tanks and through hulls so I wont glue them down for some time yet.

I ran the level over the soles to satisfy myself that I had done a good job and all of them are level both fore and aft and left to right.

Next job when I get back to it will be to run the uni tapes along the tops of the spanning bulkheads in troughs between the glass layers so I have to remove the balsa core and fill with uni rolled into a rope then back filled with fillers.

Nine Lives also had a significant milestone, the hulls are in place and the bridgedeck is turned ready to join it all into one boat.

9 lives bridgedeck turned (2)9 lives bridgedeck turned (3)9 lives bridgedeck turned (5)nine lives logo

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