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Slow going.

Posted by Paul

Everyday the news is talking about the hottest heatwave in 40 years. The entire South East of Australia is suffering. In Adelaide they have had over 2 weeks of consecutive days of over 35C and Melbourne had 4 days of over 40C. Here in Sydney we have had some days of relief but it is nearing a month of over 30C. It is very hard to make much progress in this weather and I have had emails from other builders that are also not making much headway at the moment, so I am not alone. I heard on the news tonight that NSW is expecting to be the hottest place on the planet tomorrow. OK we do have sensationalist news crews but hell that has to be hot. I doubt I will get much work done.

I got a an hour of work done during the week. I repaired the damage I did to the roof edge and sanded the roof edging all around ready to uni tape it then double bias tape it to tie it all on. The reason for the uni is to stiffen up the roof a little more. One day near the end of the build I will also build boxes on the roof to hold the solar panels which will also stop a little of the flex the roof has. I don’t have an issue with the roof flexing a little but I would prefer it stiffened.

Today, despite the heat I managed to fill the gaps around the curve of the deck to cockpit sides. Each side had a gap in the middle of the curve a little too big for just glue. If the gap is too big it is difficult to fill with glue/filler without it falling out. So my solution was to glue strips of foam in the gaps and fill the rest with filler. This was relatively easy and the foam helped to hold the rest of the glue fill in place. I overfilled as much as I could top and bottom so that I can sand it smooth. On the top I will still put more coving in to shape the join before glassing and underneath to round the edge so that taping has no sharp edges to get around.

With these gaps closed and when glassed tomorrow (or when the heat allows) the roof and sides are completely glassed on and I can get started on closing the rest of the rear deck, duckboard and transom steps.

One minor irritation this week has been my web servers main server being down for maintenance (at least this is what I suspect, they have not contacted me to verify this). This in itself is not a problem, except it seems that they have a back up server with their customers websites on to maintain continuity. The problem is my cached site on the back up server is 2 years old. So if you have logged on recently and had déjà vu about my build (and I am suddenly back to 2 upside down hulls) then this is the explanation, please bear with them, I get a fantastic deal ($16 a year) to host this site so the occasional hiccup is to be expected and tolerated.

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