Side decks

Side Decks Glued On

Posted by Paul

Yesterday was the perfect day for boatbuilding, pouring down outside and not hot, today not so good, the sun out shining and a bit warmer. My thumb is still numb so as a result, I really didn’t get much done today. I did work for 4 hours and stared at various parts of the boat for another hour. I will count that as 5 hours today because the hours spent in contemplation of where things should be and how things can be done is all part of the building process.

What I did do today is HVI (high visual impact) work. I glued the side decks on. These go from the centreline to the base of the wrap around cabin sides. On the port side I had to use the hull centreline as my guide (the planked hull to deck go up and around to the centreline) on the starboard side the hull to deck panel is still sitting in place so I simply butt up to it.

port side deck onstarboard side deck on 2starboard side deck onport side deck on 2

I did have to cut small fill in parts to fill in the front of the deck to the foredeck. I did this by measuring the end width, 300mm and traced the curve from the existing part of the panel out until the panel was 10mm, the curve of the fill piece finishing the curve of the entire deck.

The sidedeck was glued to the foredeck and to BH5. Another deck plank glues to the end of this panel and to BH6 but for now that is just sitting in place. It would also be glued to the hull to deck panels if they were glued on but I am leaving them unglued until near the end. On the starboard side this panel is still sitting on the boat so the effect of it being there is to close the hull in as it will be when it is all glued and glassed. This has a very high visual impact. The unmistakable Schionning shape immediately shows itself.

starboard side deck on 3starboard side deck on 4

Besides the hidden work that needs to be done to finish this section, such as glassing the panels in but the next big visual work is to make the cabin roof. Once it is made and on the boat the cabin sides go on and that will just leave the steps and cockpit seats to close the entire boat to lock up stage. The roof will probably take me a month so I am keen to get a start on it.

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