Sheave boxes finished

Posted by Paul

The 20 litres of hardener arrived on Wednesday but I have been too busy until today to do anything with it. I now have enough resin again to finish the shell and probably most of the internal fit out, provided of course I can resist spilling any more of it!

I spent a couple of hours today preparing the various jobs I have for the weekend, a lot of glassing to do so with some prep work (glass cut to size ready for each job) I should get a fair bit done this weekend.

I also removed the ply molds from the sheave boxes I glassed the other day. It took me almost an hour to remove them. Even though I had cut a slot in them so that they would compress a little to remove them and even though the molds were covered in clear plastic sticky tape so the glass would not stick to them, they were stuck fast. I think that as the resin heats and sets it must shrink just enough to bind and also as careful as I was to get a nice clean layer of sticky tape on without any wrinkles there were still some here and there and they might bind just a little.

Anyway I bashed the ply out from inside each box with a mallet and a bolt. I cut them to size so that the glass box did not have much ply to move over. The last one took the longest, it did not have a slot cut in it and it was jammed pretty tight. I managed to get them all out and next task is to cut the slots in the dagger and glue them in, but before I glue the half boxes (bottom up haul sheave) in I have to screw and glue the half sheaves into the box, then glue that into the dagger. The top (down haul) sheave has a stainless steel axle and that is drilled in from the side of the dagger once I have glued the box in place. I made the boxes wide enough to accommodate a s/s washer each side to limit the friction of the sheave rubbing against the box side.

Hopefully I will have a very productive weekend and get a lot of work done as in 2 weeks I will lose a weekend as I go to the Sanctuary Cove boat show.

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