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Second Coat of Highbuild On

Posted by Paul

I applied the second coat of highbuild today. It was a warm day and the coat was setting on parts of the hull while I was still applying the coat to other parts so I should have no problems starting to sand it tomorrow. More sanding, fantastic. One thing that baffled me a little was that I used more highbuild on this coat than on any of the previous 4 coats I have applied. I usually use 20 scoops of paint and 5 scoops of hardener and this is enough for a complete coat.

For some reason today I needed 26 scoops of paint and 6.5 of the hardener. That’s 30% more. It may have been the heat, I don’t know. I am covering a little more area as I have glassed a bit more on this hull than the last but I needed the same 24 scoops on the first coat on this hull so it took me by surprise a little. It doesn’t concern me, I have enough left to get another coat done and I only need one more coat, and the difference in weight is negligible. I only mention it because it happened and I report everything.

SB HB second coat outboard sternSB HB second coat outboard bowSB HB second coat inboard bowSB HB second coat inboard

The weather is cooling tomorrow, perfect as I plan sanding, which is not pleasant in the heat. I am hoping to get a little more than half the hull done tomorrow and the rest done on Sunday.

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